Daun binahong (Binahong Leaves) or Anredera cordifolia is the name of a medical plant of China (understood by the original name Dheng San Chi). Bulbous plants sneaking rhizomes and have been known to have amazing healing advantages. Binahong have thousands of years consumed by the nation of China, Korea, Taiwan and so on. In Southeast Asia, it is compulsory consumption when the Vietnamese individuals against the American intrusion (they've proved Efficacy Advantages of this Binahong).

In Indonesia, this plant is widely discovered in cool temperate areas and is commonly made use of as a decorative plant gate. All parts of nutritious plants, ranging from bulbs rhizomes, stems and leaves are heart-shaped. But the Indonesian people do unknown much of the usefulness/ efficacy of her.

Chemical constituents, advantages Efficacy leaves binahong

Binahong plant includes saponins, alkaloids, polyphenols, flavonoids, polysaccharides including mono L-arabinose, D-galactose, L-rhamnose, D-glucose, flavonoids, Oleanolik Acid, Protein, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), saponin.

Binahong leaves have antioxidant activity, ascorbic acid, phenolic compounds. The compound has the capability versus gram-positive bacteria gram-negative an d utilized in the treatment of sexual transmitted illness. In addition it likewise includes oleanolic acid (anti-inflammatory homes that can minimize discomfort in burns) from tubers binahong found protein levels (ancordin) as an immune stimulant to induce the development of antibodies.Protein can promote the body to produce development hormones and recreation cells replace harmed cells.

Saponins can be discovered in the leaves of the plant's root d, as well as an antimicrobial, such as anti-bacterial and anti-virus. Functions as a cleaner, able to promote the formation of collagen, a protein that plays a role in injury recovery procedure.

saponins have actually revealed antitumor activity such variety, lowering cholesterol, resistance, anticancer, antioxidant, and decreases the threat of coronary heart disease.,.

Pricing quote from the study Sri Murni Astuti Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering (Bio-Process) Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 26300 Xylophone, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia work is released in: http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ jacket/ post/ view/ 9087/9133.

Pointed out in conclusion that:.

Research has demonstrated the importance of Binahong plants in conventional medicine, has remarkable potential for treating various diseases. Besides the significance of the distribution saponin compounds from plants, has potential for treatment of a number of chronic diseases. Saponin substance is a substance that is extremely important and has numerous advantageous to human health. It also contains saponins in all parts of the plant, revealed the presence of triterpenoids saponins, steroids, glycosides and alkaloids discovered in the tubers, leaves and stems. has actually also been studied from the start leaves, roots, stems and flowers, this plant might contribute to the efficiency of the above plant for the treatment of several illness. They have actually been used to deal with diabetes, liver conditions such as hepatitis, cardiovascular problems such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood clot, mental and physical stress.

Ways of processing.

Binahong few leaves chewed until smooth or boiled with a glass of water, drink with pulp or can be juiced (blended).

As a curable illness include: Diabetes, kidney inflammation, colitis, ulcers, moderate concussion/ weight, speed up the recovery of health after surgical treatment, childbirth, all injuries, avoid and deal with stroke, gout, hemorrhoids (stacks), high blood pressure, cholesterol, increase and restore the vigor of the immune system, and so on

. For extreme illness categories such healing takes 1 to 6 months. Cultivated client taking this medication every day.

For Outdoor Usage.

To heal contusions due hit, hit the fire (heat), rheumatic, stiff, aching muscles, smoothing the skin: Leaves and stems manfaat daun binahong finely ground binahong then used on the affected part.

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Binahong fresh leaves.

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Binahong Khunpai brewed tea.

Made from fresh leaves are dried binahong. Practical live brewed hot water, let mean 5 minutes. After the brand-new warm taken 2 times a day.

Price 25.000/ box of 10 bags.

Tea Binahong Super.

Integrated binahong leaves, betel leaves, soursop leaves proved to be more efficient to treat a range of serious conditions. Many of our customers are already feeling the advantages. Price Rp.35.000/ box.

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